Enabling Accelerated Commerce for TeleDynamics

TeleDynamics Project Collage

Scope: Digital Strategy | Data Integration & Catalog Management | Custom Web Development | Mobile App Development | SEO | User Experience Design |  Sage ERP Integration |  Product Management | Technical Design | Development | Quality Assurance | Hosting & Operations

TeleDynamics is one of the leading wholesale suppliers of office telecommunications equipment & consumer electronics. They needed a new flagship online storefront to complement their busy warehouse and shipping fulfillment systems. As a B2B retailer they also have unique requirements around speed and efficiency in the shopping, checkout, and order management processes along with the need to dial all operations up at the holidays.

We collaborated to deliver a commerce experience for the desktop, mobile web, and app space (android, iOS) that enables this pace of commerce including:

  • Close ties with Sage Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for near real time order submission and status, along with comprehensive fault tolerance to queue orders if Sage becomes unavailable
  • Use of Solr search technology for fast & powerful queries of products
  • Order creation through bulk upload to the web and API interfaces
  • Tightly coupled payment processing systems for order placement and invoice settlement
  • Shipping capabilities providing numerous domestic and international delivery options, including refined tax rule management
  • A custom CMS for enhancement of products with web marketing information

EX² revamped our website and made the checkout process much easier for our customers. They responded quickly with our ideas and continue to be a great partnership.

Maria Leyendecker
TeleDynamics Director of Marketing

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