EX Squared: The rocket fuel for your
digital transformation

EX Squared was founded on the belief that progress is diminished when innovation is stifled. Too many great solutions are lost not because of a bad solution, but because of the poor execution of a good idea. We created EX Squared to change that.

Digital transformation requires an analog component. The science has to include the art. At the heart of every digital experience are users, customers, stakeholders, employees and investors. People. The digital experience will always be about people, and understanding their motivations, ambitions, process, habits, and desires is essential.

That’s why for the last twenty years we have combined our cutting edge digital know-how with our deep understanding of people and their behavior. That’s why the world’s brands that are driving digital experiences use EX Squared as the rocket fuel for their solutions.

Listen, Serve & Succeed

We are mission-driven to our client’s success. Failure is not an option. We take a servant-leadership philosophy toward our work and client relationships and uphold empathy, listening, stewardship, and commitment to others’ growth. Relationships are at the center of everything we do.

Access to the Future

We see a world where digital innovation drives consumer experiences. We want to demystify the digital experience for our clients by shouldering the complexity and providing a clear picture of how digital experience implementation can future-proof the health of their business.

EX Squared by the Numbers

1 MISSION Be the rocket fuel for our
customers' digital transformation
4 Global
12 Fortune 500
1380 Transformative
200+ Hosted
626 Successful
10.5M Monthly consumer
21 Years in
559 Amazing
team members
95% Customer Retention

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