5 Marketing Technology Predictions for 2016

Rumor has it that 2016 is going to be a big year for developments in programs and tools that merge marketing and technology. Marketers and tech firms have now had close to a decade to study modern online trends and habits. As a result, we can expect to see streamlined technology that empowers marketers to use data like never before. It is safe to say that anyone who was questioning the relevancy or effectiveness of social media marketing has been silenced by now. The latest debates in the marketing world are centered on how to best utilize popular platforms to get new views and build brand loyalty among existing clients. If you live in the marketing universe, take a look at the five concepts you can expect to hear a lot of buzz about this year.

1. Things Are About to Get Personal

Hyper-personalization is what 2016 is all about for marketers. Trends have shown that people are really only interested in interacting with brands that appeal to their unique habits, opinions and desires. The year ahead is sure to bring some enticing technology trends that persuade users to interact with systems that track email addresses, account information and IP addresses. However, it can still be difficult for marketers to sift through various types of data to find what’s at the core of the audience they’re courting. In addition to collecting data, there is the task of managing it effectively. Expect to see many more programs launched in 2016 that break groups of data down into digestible categories that can be used for highly personalized and targeted marketing campaigns.

2. Social Media as Mass Media

Social media isn’t going anywhere. In fact, 2016 is expected to be the year when there’s more social media marketing technology put to use than ever before. Look for programs that allow marketers to turn social media platforms into their own personal marketing machines. Image-based social media platforms are actually outpacing strongholds like Facebook more than ever before. Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat are now more relevant than ever among the younger generation of online users. What does this mean for the future of social advertising? We’re going to see tools that allow marketers to turn the photos and posts of their followers into organic marketing campaigns.

3. Tossing Cookies

One of the biggest changes to be on the lookout for in 2016 is the elimination of the use of cookies for tracking activity on web browsers. Many of the newest digital formats that are being churned out are not compatible with cookies or standard browser-based metrics. A rise in the use of mobile devices means that marketers now have to scramble to create cross-device methods of measurement and tracking.

4. A Look at Viewability

Viewability is what’s on every marketer’s mind in 2016. Viewability is a measurement of how many ads in a given campaign are actually viewable when served on various platforms. This buzzword of the year is important because technology that measures viewable impressions allows marketers to measure the success of a campaign more accurately. In addition, less money will be wasted on platforms that provide poor viewing quality.

5. Native Ads

Mobile is everything in 2016. However, sometimes getting an ad viewed many times doesn’t add up to great sales numbers. The solution to this problem is an increase in native and in-app mobile ads that allow users to make immediate purchases. You can expect to see a sharp increase in the number of interactive ads displayed on mobile apps and websites by the close of the year. In fact, it will soon be hard to tell ads apart from the apps they appear on. Many of the big campaigns that are due to be released this year will match the look and feel of the platforms they’ll be released on.

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