Integrating Sitecore and Microsoft Dynamics CRM can give marketers access to tools to make their jobs easier while providing benefits to front-line employees. From this integration, you can gain detailed knowledge from customer visits to your website, as well as create new contacts and leads that you can leverage to target different visitor segments.

Essentially, the integration of Sitecore and Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps you maximize the data, that your visitors have already provided, and apply this information in new ways.

Manage Content Delivery

The ability to deliver personalized, targeted experiences to customers is one of the most important features you can gain from an integration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Sitecore as it aids in campaign management, customer service and conversion rate.

  • Facilitate Campaign Management: You can streamline marketing efforts by assigning Sitecore web and email campaigns directly to accounts. Email campaigns can be optimized through the use of client profiles that Sitecore’s Email Campaign Manager can use to delivered targeted and/or personalized messages.
  • Enhance Customer Service: Improve customers’ experience by tailoring the content delivered whenever they access secure areas to ensure that the most relevant information is prominently displayed. You also can allow customers access to self-serve changes to their accounts, such as updating a phone number or address.
  • Improve Website’s Conversion Rate: You can improve your conversion rates and enhance your customers’ experience by using the profile information to deliver targeted content at the proper time.

Bi-Directional Sharing

A Sitecore integration with Microsoft CRM Dynamics gives you the ability to share data and content between the two applications. Here are just a few ways that bi-directional sharing can make your job easier.

  • Customer Surveys: Use Sitecore’s Web Forms for Marketers to create a feedback survey for your customers. You can then store the results in Microsoft CRM Dynamics; if applicable, you can associate the responses with the client’s record.
  • Manage Leads: Sitecore can capture the lead information and then route it to Microsoft CRM for storage and additional management.
  • Customer Support Tickets:Customers can submit support tickets on your website and a case can be created automatically in Microsoft CRM. The customer can return to your website to view the ticket’s status or history.

Reporting and Analytics

Integrating Sitecore and Microsoft Dynamics lets you pull web analytics into the CRM directly to build custom reports. Although there are many different ways you could use this ability, here are two examples:

  • Generate a Report on a Prospect: You can use Sitecore to access information in the CRM, such as discovering which campaigns the prospect has responded to, the content he has been accessing on your website, or which conversion activities he has completed. This can give you additional insight into what the prospect considers most important.
  • Quantify the Business Value of Marketing Activities:You can create custom reports that combine marketing analytics from Sitecore with reported sales from Microsoft Dynamics. This can give you an overall comparison of sales to your marketing efforts, but you can also examine individual accounts in-depth.

Enhanced Management of Security

You can control user permissions for content in Sitecore from within Microsoft Dynamics. For example, you could allow customer-service representatives or outside sales agents to access certain secure areas on your website through the CRM, eliminating their need to develop an understanding of the security-management features in Sitecore. You can also establish content privileges on multiple levels or on the granular level down to individual fields.

A Sitecore integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM can provide you with greater control over the experience your users will have. This integration allows you to leverage the data you collect with greater ease and in new ways to improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts while simultaneously providing a more engaging experience for your prospects and customers.

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