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Kiosk Development
April Rios

5 Lessons to Learn from Gucci’s Immersive Retail Experience

The name “Gucci” has been synonymous with high quality and luxury since the 1920s, when the company began producing classically styled leather goods. By the 1950s, movie stars and other celebrities were regularly seen in Gucci fashions or sporting Gucci accessories.

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Best Practices
Krystal Berzoza

Why Outsource User Experience and Product Management

We work with our customers in many different ways to deliver a wide variety of technology solutions, from business plan development to hosting of the final solution and everything in between. No matter what type of engagement we have, we always shape the product features and user experience.

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Changes to Microsoft Surface Certification

We recently discovered after submitting this Microsoft Surface 2.0 application for certification there is no longer a certification program for Surface 2.0 as there was for version 1.0. The Surface Certification program has ended given the prevalence and design of touch devices today. According to Microsoft:

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Blog Series: What’s new in NUI

So now we come to the inevitable question, what’s next in natural user interface (NUI) hardware and design?
Innovation in tablet and touchscreen hardware is moving fast (my iPad 2 seems so 1990’s now). Last week Google announced and launched its own tablet called the Nexus 7, which was just hinted at in January at the International Consumer Electronics Show.

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Blog Series: How NOT to design NUI architecture

In our previous article in the series we discussed best practices for designing a natural user interface. Now we’re going look at the pitfalls many face as they move from the traditional mouse/keyboard/monitor combo to an all-in-one NUI application.

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