Category: Staff Augmentation

Krishna Murthy

Top Advantages of Nearshoring Over Offshoring

During the great outsourcing migration at the start of the millennium, it seemed every company wanted to be first on the bandwagon to source technical development and quality assurance teams from Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia.

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Adam Graham

5 Questions You Need to Ask Potential Technology Partners

Often, the best way to maximize the potential offered by technological advances is to choose a technology partner. This can be especially important for marketing; modern marketers need all of the advantages that technology can offer to compete in what is now a competitive, global arena.

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Krystal Berzoza

Nearshore Development vs. Offshore Development

There are many advantages and disadvantages when deciding what is best for your company in choosing offshore or near shore outsourcing for development, quality assurance, and other staff augmentations services. Let’s break it down.

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