Changes to Microsoft Surface Certification

We recently discovered after submitting this Microsoft Surface 2.0 application for certification there is no longer a certification program for Surface 2.0 as there was for version 1.0.  The Surface Certification program has ended given the prevalence and design of touch devices today.  According to Microsoft:

“Microsoft introduced the world to a new computing paradigm in 2007 that required a certification program to ensure that applications met a certain quality bar. In 2012, the majority of applications meet or exceed these criteria, so there is no longer a need for a formalized certification program.”

Preparing for the certification process was a good exercise for us as it made sure our application is ready for prime time around the Microsoft Surface best practices for:

  • Application Setup: Security, operating system version checking, installation processes
  • Performance Rules: Running without errors, launching in < 10 seconds, and no visual degradation when performance demands are increased
  • User experience: fluid transitions, orienting the application towards users, touch optimization, immediate response, inertia response, standard manipulation gestures, and response to multi-touch

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