Dynamics 365 for Talent and LinkedIn Recruiter

The topic of digital transformation has been very much in the news recently. During the past year, a great deal of the attention has been focused on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the various ways that it can help drive transformations and empower digital enterprises. Microsoft continues to enhance Dynamics 365 to make it even more powerful, and the Dynamics 365 for Talent is just one example of Microsoft’s vision to deliver innovative, useful products. Because Dynamics 365 for Talent is relatively new, it might be helpful to review how an organization named Chemonics is using this product for finding and developing talent.

About Chemonics

Chemonics is an international development organization managing projects in developing countries that can improve the lives of the nation’s citizens. Projects in more than 80 countries range from sustainable agriculture to technical assistance for disaster recovery plans. Chemonics is headquartered in Washington, D.C., and although many employees work in that area, the organization also recruits field personnel overseas. As you might imagine, it is not always easy for Chemonics to find talent with the proper mix of experience, education and language skills. To facilitate the process, Chemonics chose to deploy Dynamics 365 for Talent.

How Chemonics Uses Dynamics 365 for Talent and LinkedIn Recruiter

Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn created a great deal of excitement in the industry. However, much of the initial interest was focused on how the integration of LinkedIn and Dynamics 365 would benefit sales teams. With the release of Dynamics 365 for Talent, recruiters and hiring managers became aware of the many ways that integrating LinkedIn could help them find the right candidates for each position, onboard them and continue to develop them.

To illustrate how Chemonics uses LinkedIn Recruiter and Dynamics 365 for Talent, suppose the company needed to find an accountant for a project in the Dominican Republic. Candidates need to be fluent in Spanish, have international accountancy experience and be willing to work from the office in Washington, D.C. Using LinkedIn Recruiter, the company lists the position requirements. Recruiters can then use LinkedIn to interact with candidates, learn more about their skills and encourage the best candidates to submit an application.

From Dynamics, hiring managers can view the candidates with whom the recruiter has interacted, determine the status of the recruitment effort and view which stage the candidates have reached. The hiring manager can access a candidate’s LinkedIn profile as well as the application and any documents that the candidate submitted with the application.

If the hiring manager is ready to interview a candidate, he or she will select potential dates for the interview. An email is pushed to the candidate to determine his preference. The hiring manager can view the interview team’s calendars to determine the time or times for the meeting. The system will send them invitations to interview the candidate, which the interview team can manage just like any other invitation sent through Outlook. The team’s responses will be sent back to Dynamics 365. If all is in order, the hiring manager can add any pertinent information or personalize a response that the system will push to the candidate.

After the interview, the members of the interview can enter their evaluation of the candidate from their desktop computer or a mobile device. The hiring manager can review their evaluations, put together an offer and notify the candidate.

If the candidate accepts the offer, Chemonics can move forward with the onboarding process. The hiring manager can use the templates created by the company to notify the candidate of the tasks that need to be completed prior to his first day of employment. The pre-employment guide can be personalized, including contact information for employees with whom the candidate will be working. The candidate can access the information by using his personal email; once his employment begins, he can access additional content by using his corporate email account. After hiring, Chemonics can set up a profile for the employee in Dynamics that combines information from LinkedIn, Dynamics and Office 365 to make it easier to assign him to additional projects.

Dynamics 365 for Talent and LinkedIn Recruiter have made it easier for Chemonics to find possible candidates, match them to projects, complete the hiring process and develop the employee’s skills. The success experienced by Chemonics can be replicated by your organization as well.

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