In the early days of the Internet, merely having a basic web page was often considered as having an online presence. Typically, such pages offered little more than the company’s phone number or address, a short blurb on the products or services offered, business hours and perhaps driving directions. Although few businesses today would consider such a rudimentary website as sufficient, many companies still have not harnessed all of the power available to them through the Internet.

Using Custom Web Applications to Enhance the Customer Experience

Today’s customers expect a fully integrated experience. They enjoy the anonymity afforded while conducting initial research online, but they also demand that a company have a responsive web design that allows access with any device or operating system. Because the site is open for business around the clock and on holidays or weekends, customers can learn about a company’s services or make purchases when it is most convenient for them.

Financial Benefits of a Custom Web App

The benefits of a custom web application extend far beyond customer engagement. With a custom web app that includes integrated analytics, businesses can mine a great deal of customer data, such as the times of heaviest traffic or the products viewed most frequently. Companies can experience significant savings in areas such as software purchases and upgrades, reduce or eliminate downtime and free employees for more profitable work.

Using Custom Web Apps to Benefit Employees

Consider this scenario: A sales rep is in a client’s office. The client needs a project completed by a specific deadline. However, the project will require the expertise of multiple team members, and the rep is not sure that the necessary personnel will all be available. Using a custom app, the rep can access the assignment logs for the team members, determine availability and reserve the time on their schedules. In addition, managers have access to current data even while traveling, enabling them to make critical decisions in a more timely manner. Purchasing agents can compare inventory levels to current demand, track orders in transit or review sales projections to determine which products need to be ordered.

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