How Sitecore Supports Your Digital Transformation

For marketers, it is the fast evolution of customer expectations that drives digital transformations. As the future of digital transformation unfolds, businesses are looking for integrated approaches to bring it into reality with tangible results. What is clear is that without the agile technology driven by a culture of innovation, deep and accurate customer analysis and focus on the customer experience, businesses cannot compete.

As a true customer experience platform, Sitecore goes far beyond a CMS and WCMS by leveraging AI and machine learning. This gives users the ability to draw information from website interactions, advertising and email campaigns, user segments, public data sources and more to deliver the experience that the individual wants. The broad and deep functionality includes:

  • Tracking & analytics
  • Personalization
  • Building marketing campaigns
  • Content optimization
  • Gaining a single view of individual customers

Digital transformation isn’t possible without broad integration capabilities, and Sitecore delivers those abilities in myriad ways. Sitecore’s support of digital transformations can be seen in its unified back end that provides a single interface for both marketing and IT. The integration of Salesforce enables a seamless use across sales and marketing teams as well.

This is further seen in its ability to bring together numerous existing data sources including CRM, mobile app, marketing automation platform and even non-Sitecore websites. By embracing a DevOps culture Sitecore can enable cross functional teams to quickly add, adapt and if necessary, roll back changes without disrupting the customer experience. The path to making this possible require a closer look at the connections between Sitecore and digital transformation.

Examining the Connections Between Sitecore and Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is about more than just technology. In the bigger picture, it holistically transforms a business’ operational culture across departments. This enables agile evolution and innovation to meet customer needs and adapt to customer behaviors in a multichannel world. When looking at some of the goals of digital transformation it’s clear how Sitecore connects with and drives these goals, which include:

  • Improving customer service through digital process automation
  • Opening up new revenue opportunities
  • Meeting evolving customer needs
  • Gaining a 360-degree view of customers by tapping into their behavior
  • Using technology to lower operational costs and eliminate internal business silos that stifle innovation and collaboration

Sitecore xConnect sits at the nexus point of all of these goals through its ability to pull data from a wide array of sources into XTB, the Experience Database. The xConnect framework and the available Sitecore connectors for and Microsoft Dynamics 365 are perfect examples of the tools that make these goals consistently attainable. Sitecore Cortex machine learning and cognitive computing technology makes it possible for non-data scientist to:

  • Analyze and predict a customer’s journey
  • Score content through multi-variant testing on each message to create buyer categories
  • Target these categories through automated personalization

These tools give brands the ability to gain sharp and detailed insights into the customer journey from an omnichannel perspective through advanced pattern discovery not possible by humans. Sitecore can drive creation, delivery and optimization for an end-to-end customer experience spanning acquisition, nurturing, conversion, retention and advocacy through:

  • Content relevance for engagement building
  • Continually adaptive contextual marketing outreach that drives conversion rates
  • Personalized communications and email campaigns to aid advocacy
  • Social media interaction development
  • Easy enrollment to assets like newsletters and whitepapers
  • Self-Service for users/customers

By bringing together numerous applications and facilitating intradepartmental interactions across a company, Sitecore ushers in a culture of innovation that impacts all products, services, and outreach. When digital transformation is fully embraced by a company, it delivers a culture of adaptability that can stay one step ahead of digital disruption, changing customer demands and competitors. Sitecore makes this possible by:

  • Improving collaboration between internal business functions
  • Fostering efficient and accurate decision-making processes
  • Making actionable data available across the enterprise

While this positions Sitecore as the framework for digital transformation, it doesn’t come to fruition without careful planning of needs, goals and execution. The reality is that achieving this future state requires:

  • Adaptable processes for complex decision-making
  • Sitecore implementation, integration, and user expertise
  • The ability to provide consultative and integration support to a workforce learning a new way to work
  • Deep understanding of business process tools and the technology that drives them
  • An ability to communicate relevant messages across disciplines and departments in the language that they understand

As a certified Sitecore Solution Partner, EX Squared can leverage the experience of partnering with countless companies to create a customized approach to continuous digital transformation that seamlessly integrates people, new processes and technology. The goal is to empower leadership and the workforce with the tools that foster conversions while strengthening the brand and the business in every way possible.

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