How technology plays a vital role in the Buyer 2.0 model

In recent years, there has been a major shift in the way that consumers and brands interact. The traditional model of purchasing advertising space in a newspaper or magazine in the hope that 1 consumer out of 100 will be motivated enough to make a purchase based on this promotional method is disappearing – and fast. The rise of the online world has created a new sales model called Buyer 2.0.

In our Buyer 2.0 world, the consumer is more informed than ever before. And to add to the challenge, there are an extraordinary number of media channels and outlets available to marketers. As a result, brands now have to harness the power of technology in order to effectively create quality content for potential customers and convert them into actual buyers.

How to Harness Technology for Buyer 2.0

Technology needs to be right at the center of any strategy for attracting this new kind of consumer. Buyers are firstly attracted by intuitive and attractive interfaces, landing pages that are accessed via Google search, and social media integration. Once those visitors are pulled into the site or interface, a brand must use the technological tools at its disposal to convert those visitors into consumers. Appropriate research will determine whether mobile applications, touch screen optimized mechanisms, ecommerce stores, interactive websites, or a combination of all of these will provide the best solution.

EX Squared and Buyer 2.0

At EX Squared, we have a thorough understanding of this new online marketing model, and we have helped a diverse clientele to make the best use of technology in order to outperform their competitors in this new Buyer 2.0 market. If you want to make the very best use of technology to attract visitors to your site, and then turn those leads into consumers, make sure that you contact us today in order to revolutionize your online marketing and create competitive advantage for your company.

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