How TouchScreen Apps are Changing the World of Business

The use of haptic interfaces, or touchscreens, continues to influence every aspect of business from personal computing to Point of Sale (POS) systems. A Business Wire report projects a compound annual growth of the touchscreen market of 19.5% for the next 4 years, and the customer or client is not the only one at the end of your touchscreen applications. What this means for your business is that if you haven’t fully incorporated touchscreen technology, you risk being left behind in the wake of rapid technological change.

Change customer or client interactions: This is currently the most immediate aspect of touchscreen use and may be seen as the most vital. How consumers experience your business via mobile app heavily influences their decision to use your product or service, and that experience must be guided effectively.

Increase your team’s efficiency: As the price of touchscreen tech drops, it is becoming more feasible to outfit your team with touchscreen workstations and tablets. Beyond allowing for the necessity of testing the user-experience of your mobile app, equipping your team this way allows for mobility and versatility. With tablet sales on the rise, the three top operating systems, Windows 8, Mac OS, and Android, are primarily developed with a touchscreen interface in mind.

Influence your interaction with other businesses: This is an inevitable result of businesses adopting the technology for their employees. From hiring freelancers to securing partners and contracts, the more your business incorporates the technology used by your peers, the smoother those interactions can go. Business-to-business apps are a must to share your company’s vision. Meetings and presentations can be run from a tablet or even a phone, rather than a bulky laptop.

It is easy to dismiss the touchscreen as primarily used for entertainment, but the next generation of entrepreneurs is being raised on it. If your business cannot optimize for the current technological paradigm, someone else will.

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