Managing Your Responsive Website Across Devices of All Screen Sizes

Every business that wants to gain competitive advantage needs to be fully aware of the importance of populating online channels with meaningful content for a particular target market. But this no longer means setting up a simple WordPress website and hoping that your content reaches the right people.

The exponential growth of tablet devices and smartphones means that content and design needs to be optimized for a whole range of user experiences. The person who wants to check out your latest company blog on their commute to work, should be able to access this information with as much ease on their smartphone as somebody within an office using a desktop PC.

Google Wants You to be Responsive

If a mobile user cannot access your content in the same way as a person using a desktop PC, this will result in a poor user experience. Not only will this be bad for business because you will be turning away leads, but also because Google is increasingly recognizing the importance of sites being optimized across these three screens, and is penalizing websites that show error messages or that have unintuitive functionality leading to bad user experience.

The Advent of Responsive Design

For some companies, the solution is to set up three different sites: one for desktops, one for tablets, and one for smartphones. But for businesses that need to upload a great deal of content, this is simply inefficient. Deploying responsive design means that a business only needs to design a web interface once, that interface can work effectively across multiple platforms and devices, and all content can be uploaded via one Enterprise Content Management System.

EX Squared and Responsive Design

At EX Squared, we have many years of experience helping our clients to determine which web interfaces will help them to amplify their marketing reach, and in deploying content management systems that boost work efficiency. If you are interested in learning more about how responsive design could help you reach a broader audience of consumers and promote productivity within your business, make sure that you contact us today.

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