Customer engagement is now just as important as customer service. It is the authentic relationships with customers elevated by the influence of dialogue and customer experience within business transactions that increasingly drive business in this social media era. Customer engagement, can however, prove difficult to measure when the nature of engagement is so often based on qualitative, subjective terms.

So how do you know if your customer is truly engaged? The following quantitative metrics can be implemented to form an accurate analysis of customer engagement that is based on data.

Visitor and visit frequency

A key metric for better understanding customer engagement is the frequency with which users visit a platform, and return to that platform. A successful digital marketing strategy will push users towards an application or website but this is not necessarily a sign of customer engagement. The greater frequency with which a user visits an online platform, the greater is the indication that the customer is no longer in the “trial” phase of their experience but has become an engaged adopter.

Activity time

Activity time can be differentiated from the overall time a user spends on a platform since the former is only a measure of the time a user spends in active online interactions. The overall time a user spends on an online platform is not an accurate metric for customer engagement since it is possible that the user has many applications open at once and is not engaging with each of them. A measured increase in activity time should point towards growing customer engagement.

Core Actions

Each business will define a different set of core actions – the most important actions or activities that a customer can engage with on a platform. Tallying all interactions may prove to be ineffective since users will not necessarily be engaging with all actions that are core to the business, but measuring the frequency that users engage with core actions will provide a more accurate analysis of customer engagement.

Applying customer engagement metrics is an essential practice for developing an increased understanding of consumer behavior. If you require greater insight into your consumer engagement, EXSquared can help you form a consumer engagement strategy that is based on analysis garnered from metrics such as the quantitative metrics detailed above. Contact us for a free consultation and we would be happy to talk through your individual needs for measuring your customer engagement.

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