Decades ago, there was a lot of discussion involving the paperless business. The predictions called for consumers to universally embrace digital billing, files that would reside only on hard drives and virtual catalogs that could be accessed through any computer. Although all of these have been implemented to some degree, not every consumer has been willing to ban the printed word from their lives.

So many of your customers are simply not ready to “go paperless.” Therefore, though printed marketing materials are expensive and inefficient, they are still vital to marketing efforts. In a world where your customer’s journey may involve multiple channels — including social-media sites, physical stores, websites and mobile apps — the challenge has been to maintain brand and message consistency across all channels. This has become increasingly difficult to accomplish, especially when prices, products or campaigns change frequently. Printed materials can be outdated before marketers can get them into the hands of customers. Even seemingly minor changes can generate issues while more significant alterations can condemn your printed materials to the shredder.

Sitecore Print Exchange Manager can eliminate the problems involved with traditional printed media, but it can also give marketers additional power to deliver customized and targeted print communications.

With Sitecore CMS acting as your content hub, you can place images, product specifications and other information in a central location. Data can be retrieved for use on your website, email communications or other Internet sites, but you can also print catalogs and brochures that will always contain the most current information.

With a centralized content hub, you enter and update information in only one location. This helps ensure consistency and eliminate errors.

Sitecore PXM can allow your customers to receive brochures, catalogs or other materials that are targeted to each visitor’s needs to stimulate sales. Consider the following scenario:

“We’ve Got It!” is an online retailer of books, software, art supplies, photography equipment and musical instruments. John is a returning customer who opted in for your newsletter, identifying himself as a freelance writer. According to John’s purchase records, he buys a lot of history books as well as “how-to” guides related to the art of writing. During his current session, John has read the reviews for several grammar guides.

Suppose you could offer John a printable brochure or catalog featuring the most highly rated grammar guides? He could then review the many options at his leisure, which might make him more likely to return to your site to make his purchase after reaching a decision.

In today’s society, the line between the digital and physical worlds has become increasingly blurred. Often, marketers must coordinate an online, multichannel world and physical locations, such as brick-and-mortar stores. Sitecore PXM allows you to generate price signs for your retail locations that are consistent with all the details that appear on all your digital channels.

In short, Sitecore PXM lets marketers meet the challenge of providing a consistent image and message while still allowing for a great deal of customization. Whether you need to provide marketing materials for thousands of products in multiple languages online or reduce the time spent to provide printers with the most current data, Sitecore PXM can offer the tools that you need. It puts the power back into your hands while making your life easier.

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