What’s New in Sitecore 8.1

Over the last decade, the move to digital has given greater power to consumers. They are using more channels than before, conducting more research on products and brands, spending more time discussing their experiences online, and they now have more access to competing brands. They also have higher expectations – if you cannot give them the level of service they demand, they will look for someone who can.

In this mobile, always-on environment, simply communicating with your customers is not enough. You need to offer each customer the most personalized, relevant and engaging experience possible. You need to take into account where, when and how your customers interact with you. This is typically referred to as context marketing.

Sitecore 8.1 can help you reap the benefits of context marketing. Based on the individual customer’s past behaviors, you can deliver the right content at the right time to the right person. You can engage individual customers in one-on-one conversations, adjusting your reactions in real time to ensure relevance.

In addition, Sitecore 8.1:

  • Provides marketers with single, 360-degree view of each customer. Sitecore collects data and “connects the dots” to provide valuable insights that are immediately available for use in personalized, contextual customer experiences.
  • Offers easy optimization with continuous testing. Any content creator can have a page, personalization element or component automatically A/B tested. Sitecore will automatically search for additional optimizations.
  • Reduces the time needed to gain insights. You can make decisions or adjustments quickly because Sitecore’s Engagement Values measure what is and is not working and then offers recommendations.
  • Features a new user interface that is easier and faster to use reducing your costs for training and support.
  • Delivers a true cross-channel experience. You can use Sitecore as the central hub for all of your digital assets including non-Sitecore sites. Customer data, analytics and content can be shared seamlessly to give you access to more tools with less effort.
  • Offers embedded device detection. This gives you two important pieces of information — the type of device your customer is using and his IP geolocation. You can provide customized experiences based on location and optimize displays and load times that are based on the device used.
  • Features improved email performance and dispatch. New tools, such as Campaign Creator and List Manager, provide greater support for marketing campaigns.
  • Collects intelligence from every customer interaction – even those occurring offline. You can build a big datarepository in real time that enables the delivery of a contextual experience that is based on past actions while allowing you to predict future behavior.
  • Reveals where your customers are coming from and precisely what they do on your site. Robust site analytics help you learn what is engaging your customers and what is not working.
  • Provides advanced marketing automation. Nurture relationships by leveraging content, media and channels to adapt communications in the most appropriate manner for each customer or interaction.
  • Is ideal for managing multilingual content. Regardless of channel, you can offer the right language to the right users. Authors can write and manage multilingual content from a central location, without the need to switch between multiple language sites.
  • Offers an enterprise-class search. Content authors as well as visitors have access to a scalable, flexible search engine to locate desired content.

Your customers are demanding more from you every day. If you are trying to work with customer data that is spread across data silos and multiple applications, you will not have a unified, complete view of your customers. Thus, you will not be able to leverage the power of context marketing to create the relevant, real-time and unique experiences that your customers demand. Sitecore 8.1 gives you the tools you need to deliver a great customer experience to every customer – every time.

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