Why a design shootout produces the best results in web design

When looking for a new website, iPhone, or iPad/tablet design it may seem beneficial to have designers all under one roof working under the guidance of a design director.  The issue here is much like an artist, a design director will have an aesthetic that sets what’s produced.  So you really like the 6 Monet’s they’ve shown you, great.  But what if you want to break out a bit and throw in some Pollock?  We’ve found a model that gives this flexibility and more importantly gives you choice: The “design shootout”.

In a design shootout we bring in 2-4 designers from our pool of independent and well established designers to produce a design for an interactive project.  Our user experience team develops a wire frame for the designers to ensure the desired functionality is covered in the design.  The designers may also be provided brand and color guidelines, if the client has them or be asked to set them for the client or project. The designers work independently to produce the designs and are driven by, even like, the competitive nature of knowing at least one other designer is also competing for the same business.

Our customers love this process.  The funny thing is they never pick one design in its entirety.  One designer’s work will have a strong aesthetic appeal to them, but there will always be little subtleties from the other designers’ work that will be incorporated into the final design.

The following concepts were produced for the Zero Emission Systems website.  The concept on the right was implemented for the site.

Sound Expensive?  It’s not.  Working with independent and well experienced designers means lower overhead.  We’re able to have 3-4 designers participate in a project for the same price other companies charge for just one designer.

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