Why We are Excited about the Release of Sitecore 7

Sitecore 7 gets its official release to the public this week. The CMS software producer is focusing on lifting some of the hurdles developers had previously faced to deliver a “new level of personalized digital experience.”

This is big news to us. As a trusted developer and Sitecore certified partner, when the team at EX Squared heard about the update, we had to know more. We tore through hours of video, news releases, live chats, and a great live demo by the team at Sitecore.

There’s a lot to be excited about. Here are a few things that stuck out to us:

  1. This is a Developer’s Release. This means there is no change to the API or database structures. Developers will not have to learn a new system and prepare for their work to be sabotaged by implementing a Sitecore upgrade. Instead, this release just looks to answer many of the questions that developers struggled with from previous releases.
  2.  Improved Search for Authors. Content authors now will have more ability to define and refine their search results using the Lucene search logic within the content authoring environment.
  3. Search Faceting Configuration by Content Authors. Customizing search for your end users is now in the hands of content authors.  That’s right, I said content authors.   This is really exciting because in the past we did a lot of customization to implement search faceting for our websites.  Now, content authors can create new search facets that are available on a website as soon as publication is complete.  No code required.
  4. Improved Content Buckets. Previous releases warned of the loss of functionality that came with using too many content buckets. The new Sitecore 7 promises to remove some of these restrictions giving marketers more control over the massive amount of information and content that they have to work with. This is a much welcomed changed allowing marketers to store more, index more, and retrieve more information in a timely fashion. Kudos, Sitecore.

There is a lot to be excited for in this new release. Our team of CMS developers just happened to get a little more giddy than usual about these four. Sitecore has made this release available to talk about some of the upgrades available through the new release.

If you would like to learn more about custom CMS implementation and how our team of certified Sitecore professionals develops systems to help marketers improve conversions and drive up ROI, contact us today.

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