The world today makes real time communication with you customers absolutely essential. To remain relevant businesses must create engaging content at a rapid pace, without sacrificing a consistent and cohesive voice across platforms, departments and the organization.  This new norm makes a robust Content Management System imperative for any business aiming for success.

A functional CMS platform allows members of a business team to review, edit and publish content via an easy to use, intuitive interface. This allows more flexibility, responsiveness and real time dialogue with your audience.  Product managers, marketing and communication teams can update and publish new content without going through often lengthy development processes, so nothing is lost in translation.  At EX2 we work with a number of CMS platforms to provide an intuitive content publishing experience for our clients. Sitecore is one of the preferred platforms that we deploy on a regular basis and, with 9 Sitecore 7.0-certified developers, we have plenty of expertise  to get your company content-ready.

The Benefits of Sitecore

Completely intuitive. The most important aspect of any CMS is that it needs to completely intuitive to use, requiring very little technical proficiency from users Implementing a CMS that requires copious hours of training for end users to be able to use it defies the very purpose of a CMS – a system that allows all users to upload content in an effortless way. The Sitecore CMS is developed with usability best practices in mind to ensure that the experience of creating and publishing content is just as simple as writing an email.

Advanced technology. Sitecore CMS has been developed using Microsoft .NET  2.0 technologies enabling this CMS to function perfectly across all devices and browsers. Use of the ASP .NET 2.0 framework and intelligent caching also ensures that pages load quickly.

Seamless deployment across multiple sites. Business that use multiple websites will appreciate the functionality of the Sitecore CMS that allows for multiple web properties to be managed via one single platform. Common elements across separate platforms can also be shared easily using this one CMS.

 Multi-language capabilities. Sitecore CMS can be an ideal content management solution for international companies because Sitecore allows end users to work in their native languages, ultimately promoting a localized content experience that will be more engaging with local clients and customers.

As a Sitecore gold certified partner, EX2 has the personnel and capabilities to implement your content marketing hub to your exact specifications, no matter the size of your organization. Contact us for a free consultation today to better understand how Sitecore CMS could enhance the content marketing arm of your organization.

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