Why Your Business Needs to Be Thinking about Kiosks Now

Interactive kiosks are transforming the way that businesses interact with consumers in order to promote a consumer message, create enhanced brand engagement, or execute a transaction. In comparison with signage and video displays, kiosks provide far greater flexibility and opportunity for innovation, and at EX Squared we believe that every company should be thinking about integrating the kiosk user experience into their business practice.

4 ways that kiosks can improve business

  1. Interactivity. In our social media age that promotes the benefits of dialogue above passive consumption, today’s consumers expect to be able to enter into an interactive experience with brands. Kiosks provide an interactive experience via touch screen capabilities, access to interactive directories, the potential to execute transactions, and even the potential to print material via the kiosk.
  2. Unobtrusive communication. Kiosks not only provide interactive experiences with the consumer, they also provide an experience that is entirely unobtrusive. Consumers can explore an interactive directory at their own leisure without any sales pressure, fostering an improved relationship with the consumer.
  3. Reduced personnel needs. As kiosks provide a two-way interactive experience, they can often be used to execute tasks that would ordinarily require a team member, thereby reducing staffing requirements. For example, a kiosk could be used to conduct surveys and receive feedback from clients without using an employee’s time.
  4. A flexible marketing solution. Unlike fixed signage, kiosks provide far greater flexibility for marketers trying to reach consumers. Sales messages and directories can be updated as service lines change to ensure that the kiosk experience is always up-to-date and entirely relevant to the consumer.

EX Squared and Kiosk Development

At EX Squared, we are experts in kiosk development and have deployed advanced, interactive kiosk solutions for many kinds of organizations. For a free consultation and to better understand how interactive kiosks could transform the marketing and sales function of your organization, contact us today.

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