Kiosk Development

Kiosk Development

Reducing Consumer Friction for Increased Kiosk Use and ROI

As the relationship between brick-and-mortar stores and their online retailer counterparts become more blurred, the pursuit of lowering consumer friction to onsite shopping and sales fulfillment intensifies. Despite the growth of online shopping a Retail Dive Consumer Survey showed that 62 percent still prefer to shop in-store to have physical access to merchandise.

Kiosk Development

Melding Retail Kiosk Omnichannel Strategy and Software Design

The State of Omnichannel survey of leading retail executives in the United States shows that more than 90 percent of retailers have an omnichannel strategy, but 45 percent say they lack the right technology platforms for execution. What many are discovering is that when informed software design for retail kiosks are melded with an omnichannel strategy, they have an ideal technology vehicle for increasing sales, customer experience, and brand loyalty.

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