Elacora Homes

Scope: Digital Strategy | Cordova Development |  Native iOS Development |  Native Android Development |  Interactive Media Production

Elacora, an innovative, rapidly growing homebuilder wanted the extra “wow” to attract prospective buyers to their new homes in tech-innovative areas such as Southern California and Denver. They wanted to address shifts in looking for a home such as:

  • Wanderlust: People love to explore on their own, giving a true feel of what it would be like to live in a home. Have a seat on the sofa, walk in the backyard. We wanted to give them the tools to wander.
  • Less (contact) is more: People want less, not more contact with sales associates. But when they want contact, they want it instantaneously.
  • Fun: Inline with their playful branding, incorporating play into the approach was a key element.
  • Interactive: They knew they wanted to tie the physical space of the home to the digital world to allow the user to “take it with them”.
  • Uniting the impossible: Elacora wanted to marry the physical walk in to a community with the digital experience. The “holy grail” of real estate marketing: Knowing that someone physically walked into your community and digitally engaged with you in your app or website.

EX Squared worked with the elacora marketing team to design and implement the elacora home tour application for iOS and Android mobile and tablet. The apps leverage iBeacon technology and the Cordova framework to optimize initial development and maintenance costs. The application provides digital convergence of the physical and digital worlds and brings context to a tour that couldn’t be provided just by strolling through a home such as:

  • A map to help you get to the community and find nearby restaurants, grocery stores, and the coffee shop to fuel up for your tour.
  • A location-aware guided tour of the community using geo-fencing, visualized on a map of the community checkpoints.
  • In home tours of model homes providing more content about a kitchen than could be seen at a glance walking through, also location-aware features with proximity awareness.
  • Incorporation of a game, the more beacons you visit, the more points you get to earn special gifts from elacora.
  • Ability to take and store photos to help remember if you liked the tub in the master bath more in the first home you visited or the third home you visited.
  • Social media tie ins, letting visitors take photos and post them to the Facebook page of the community they’re visiting.
  • In app chat with a sales associate.
  • Ability to mark favorite homes and save them to your website profile too with single sign-on.

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