EX Squared Solutions Wins the 2014 Higginbotham Health & Wellness Award

EX Squared Solutions has been named a winner of the 2014 Higginbotham Health & Wellness Award, which is presented annually to Austin-area businesses deemed to best encourage a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle for employees. The award was presented at the 2014 Greater Austin Business Awards, an event sponsored by the Austin Chamber of Commerce. The event is the largest of its kind in Central Texas, and each year, it brings together approximately 1,000 entrepreneurs, business leaders, government officials, regional chambers and non-profit organizations.

EX Squared Solutions actively seeks employees who are creative, flexible and dynamic, and the company endeavors to maintain these same qualities in the workplace. Rather than demand a rigid, “workaholic” attitude among employees, the company encourages workers to maintain a healthy work/life balance. Every employee is a valued member of the team and deserving of a life that includes time for a personal life, exercise and recreation.

For more than a decade, EX Squared Solutions has helped businesses meet the challenges of an ever-changing technological environment. From website design to custom software, the team members at EX Squared Solutions constantly strive to provide solutions that are cost-effective, innovative and delivered on time. Whatever the client may need, the team members approach every new project with enthusiasm and a commitment to providing the best solution possible.

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