Give a Boost to Your Sales with MS Dynamics 365

Your sales team is the lifeblood of your company. Sales personnel are the ones who have the most opportunities to interact directly with customers, build solid relationships and present the right image of your mission and values. Given their importance, it only makes sense to ensure that they have the tools needed to convert leads into sales and customers into brand advocates. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales can help your team be more productive and achieve the company’s goals.

Give Your Sales Team More Time To Sell

Time is often in short supply for sales professionals. To convert leads and earn repeat business, they need to have sufficient time with potential and current customers. The more time that your salespeople must spend on data entry or conducting research, the less time they will have to focus on the most important aspect of their jobs. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales gives them a single source for information about customers that could help your sales team close the deal. For example, the sales representative might identify the times of year that a customer tends to place a large order to replenish inventory. As sales professionals know, there is no better time to make an offer to a customer than at the precise moment he is ready to buy.

Mobilize Your Sales Team

If your sales representatives ever leave the office, you want to make sure that they can still maintain communications. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales allows them to access the data they need from any location. Whether they need to use a smartphone to refresh their memory about the lead they are about to visit or need to use a laptop to access an existing customer’s order history, they can do so. They can access sales materials, check inventory levels and prepare a quote to deliver to the customer immediately. In short, virtually any activity that could be conducted from the office can be conducted in the field.

Empower Your Sales Team with Knowledge

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales can provide your team with valuable insights into leads and customers, especially in light of Microsoft’s recent acquisition of LinkedIn. However, it can also give them a great deal of information that is specific to each sales professional. You can assign responsibilities and task to an individual or a team, providing them with a clear understanding of the actions they need to complete. They can view their goals, which can be stated as the number of leads closed or the dollar value of the sales generated, and track their progress. Providing your sales team with knowledge about their own jobs can help them stay on track without investing an inordinate amount of time.

In Conclusion

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales can help you empower your sales team, optimize sales performance and help you make better decisions by reacting quickly to customer demands. With its powerful integration capabilities, such as with platforms like LinkedIn, it can also reduce your customer acquisition costs while allowing you to maximize opportunities to generate revenue.

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