How Dynamic is Your Customer Service? Microsoft’s AI Technology is Here to Help

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming customer service across industries. Thirty-eight percent of enterprises currently use AI in some form, and use is expected to grow to 62 percent by 2020. In response, Microsoft has integrated machine learning and intelligent data analysis into their Dynamics 365 platform. These powerful tools are designed to revolutionize the way your customer service representatives connect with and serve your target audience.

The AI Revolution

AI tools are making their way into every area of business, from training to customer service. Emerging technologies and changes in existing APIs are changing the dynamics of companies’ interactions with consumers, making for a more personalized customer service experience whether individuals are talking with chatbots or live representatives.

Young consumers are used to shopping experiences in which every part of the process is seamless across platforms and devices, and they expect customer service experiences to be the same. With the right tools, you can create AI interfaces capable of delivering completely personalized interactions based on pattern recognition and algorithms instead of a series of scripted questions.

By using known consumer data to hone each customer service interaction, ERP and CRM platforms like Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 tap into the power of machine learning, data analysis and AI to empower your customer service department and create deeper connections with consumers.

Dynamics 365 in Action

Between 2014 and 2015, the worldwide market for CRM software grew 12.3 percent. Microsoft is taking advantage with updates to its Dynamics 365 platform, a data-driven solution designed to provide detailed insights on which customer service agents can draw when fielding service calls.

Thanks to a combination of AI and machine learning, chatbots and human agents have access to pertinent customer information the moment an interaction is initiated. Customers no longer have to answer repetitive questions before potential solutions can be offered. If a query begins with a chatbot and is passed to a live service agent, the questions and steps already covered in the initial interaction can be reviewed and used to move the process forward without delay.

Machine Learning: The Power Behind the Tools

Dynamics 365 is built to handle everything from the most straightforward service requests to the complexities involved in enterprise-level client relationships. Built on Azure Machine Learning, the program is able to:

  • Discover patterns in customers’ behaviors and needs
  • Detect social post sentiment
  • Interpret data and deliver information to representatives

Customer insights are combined with AI to deliver personalized results. Dynamics 365 ensures both your chatbots and your customer service team have the information necessary to provide the best solutions.

Customer Service Transformations

Data and machine learning intersect in Dynamics 365 tools like Sales, Customer Insights and Relationship Insightsto give businesses a robust view of every customer. With such comprehensive data analysis at your fingertips, your company can more easily segment audiences to serve consumers with specific needs. The ability of machine learning tools to “sense” the attitudes expressed in social communications gives you the ability to understand the unique challenges each consumer faces and to assign the appropriate service member or team to ensure cases get the proper attention and are resolved quickly.

Fifty-six percent of consumers and 79 percent of business buyers expect companies to know who they are when they make contact with customer service, and similar numbers demand “relevant suggestions” from representatives anticipating what they need prior to contact. For businesses, this means AI is now a vital component of CRM. As machine learning technology becomes more refined, new possibilities for AI will evolve, opening the door for even more innovation by Microsoft and other CRM providers.

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