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It is very common to get so caught up in preparing and implementing a new solution that the finer details of using the solution are overlooked. Within two or three months, however, the initial excitement has given way to in-depth, hands-on work. It is at that point that many users discover that they need to know more about how to optimize the new technology for their own jobs. If you are looking for ways to get the most out of Sitecore, these hacks may help.

How to Schedule Reminders

Have you ever needed to send a reminder to someone to approve your content just before it goes live? Would you like to schedule reminders to release a specific item or update an item on a predetermined date? You can schedule reminders in Sitecore to take care of these tasks.

  • Go to “Content Editor” and select “Review.”
  • Click on “Reminder” and choose “Set Reminder.”
  • Enter the message, date, time and email addresses.

The reminders will be sent to the recipients on the date you specified.

How to Translate Content

Although Sitecore can be integrated with a translation service, you would have to pay for every translation. For a more cost-effective way of translating content, use the translation button included in Sitecore.

  • Go to the “Content Editor.”
  • Select “Versions.”
  • Click on the “Translate” button.
  • Select the language that you want.

You will then be able to view the original and translated versions side by side.

How to Set an Automatic Archive Date

You can choose to have content automatically archived after a predetermined date arrived. This is often used for content that is campaign-specific or associated with a temporary promotion. Archiving does not delete the content, so you can restore it if you so desire.

  • Go to “Content Editor” and select “Review.”
  • Click on “Archive.”
  • Choose “Set Archive Date” from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter the date.

You can also choose to archive the item or the version immediately rather than choosing a date.

How to Restore Archived Items

Should you decide that you want to reuse archived content, you can restore the item easily.

  • From the “Launchpad,” click on the “Desktop” button.
  • Choose “Sitecore” and then “All Applications.”
  • Click on “Archive” to view archived content.
  • Select the content to be restored and click on the “Restore” button.

The item will now appear with the rest of your content.

How to Use the Content Tree Dropdown Box

If you look at your content editor, you will see a tree with a blank box beside it.

  • Right-click inside the blank box.
  • A drop-down menu appears with entries such as “Cloned Items,” “Locked Items,” “Broken Links” and “Missing Versions.”
  • Make a selection from the drop-down menu.

The blank column will be populated with symbols corresponding to your selection. This allows you to quickly locate the exact type of content that you need.

How to Clone Content

When content needs to be more than one place, you can either duplicate it or clone it. Either way will produce a second copy, but if you clone it, any updates you make to the original will be automatically made to the clone. If you duplicate it, changes to the original will not be reflected in the copy.

  • From the “Content Editor,” select the item to be cloned.
  • Click on the “Configure” button.
  • Click on “Clone.”
  • Choose the location for the cloned item from the content tree that will pop up.

Your cloned item will then be created in the location you specified.

How to Rewind Changes

Periodically, you may find yourself needing to roll back the changes that have been made to an item. Perhaps it has become too cluttered, needs to be completely remodeled or requires too much work to make the current version viable. You can reset a template to its original design.

  • From the “Content Editor,” select “Presentation.”
  • Click on “Reset.”
  • Choose the details that you want. You can reset just one version, every version in the same language or all versions in all languages.
  • After making your selection, click the “OK” button.

Sitecore is a powerful tool for managing your digital content. If you learn how to use a Sitecore solution to its maximum potential, you will likely discover many more ways to streamline your work and make your job easier.

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