How to Gain App’s Visibility with Reviews?

Since the earliest days of marketing, word-of-mouth advertising has been one of the most productive ways to drive sales and brand recognition. Whether “it” is a movie, a laundry detergent, a restaurant, a new car or a roofing company, people like to know what others think about it. This same tendency to seek the opinions of others is also found when people are considering an app.

Reviews from actual users can help potential customers decide whether they want your app. Customer reviews also play an important role in enhancing your app’s rankings in online searches as well as app store searches. However, few reviews happen without encouragement; most people who take the initiative to post a review of an app are those who had an extremely negative experience with it. If you want to leverage customer reviews to help improve your app’s visibility, the following tips may be beneficial.

Ask for Reviews

Although this might seem like an obvious step, many companies do not even ask users to review their apps. The easiest way to ask for a review is to do it from within the app through a plugin. However, you could also ask for reviews of the app on your website or via email.

Time Your Review Request Appropriately

If you want to get more people to review your app, time your request appropriately. You want to give them a chance to actually use your app a few times or for a certain time period. If you ask too soon, you risk annoying users who view the request as pushy or interrupting their experience.

Personalize The Request

Although you want to automate as many tasks as possible, avoid making requests for app reviews seem impersonal. Have multiple versions of the request so that different users receive different messages that are more relevant to them. Address the customer by name, and if it is applicable, include some mention of the customer’s geographical location.

Educate Users About Reviews

Many customers are unaware of the importance of reviews, so you may need to explain the issue to them. However, another group that might need your help are users who are uncertain where to go to leave a review or the steps involved. Make sure that your customers understand the review process.

Consider App Review Websites

There are a number of app review websites that will review your app to get the conversational ball rolling. Some sites provide free reviews; others charge to review your app and some only review apps that they select themselves. Examples of free sites include App Addict, App Storm, 101 Best Android Apps, 24/7 App Reviews, Addictive Tips, 148 Apps and App Apes. Paid app review sites include Best Windows Phone, App Bite, Windows Parent, Android App Review, App Boy, Android App Log and App Shrink. Sites that offer handpicked reviews include Android App 101, Windows App Reviews, App Advice, App Guide, Android App Reviews and App Battleground.

Small Coupons and Discounts Go A Long Way

Your 5% and 10% coupons or discounts on their next purchase as a “Thank You” gesture can have a huge impact on how engaging your customer is going to be. Offering a special coupon after they submit the reviews might prove to be very beneficial and tempt the users to do it without a frown. And why not give sneak previews of your “high-in-demand” products encouraging customers to be a part of your community?

Learn From Successful Companies

Some companies do an outstanding job obtaining app reviews. Examining their strategies can help you find methods that you can implement to get more reviews.

  • Amazon is one company that is extremely successful at getting reviews for its own apps, and its strategy includes most of the tips mentioned above.
  • Some of the methods that Walmart uses to obtain reviews from online shoppers, including personalized emails asking for reviews, could also be implemented for obtaining app reviews.
  • Domino’s has also been very successful at obtaining reviews for its pizza ordering and tracking app.

Support Your Users

One of the best ways to encourage positive reviews is to make sure that your customer service is exceptional. Try to do more than just add a button labeled “Send Feedback” to launch an email form. For example, a two-way, live instant messaging system that users can launch from inside the app can help you provide the customer support that will make a positive review more likely.

It’s Your Turn

Increasing your app’s reviews increases its visibility. If you want to boost your app’s ratings, you will need to encourage people to review it. Following the above tips can help you get the reviews that your app needs.
So, are you ready to increase the visibility of your app in 2017?

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