John Wieland Homes

Scope:  Digital Strategy | Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration | Custom Development

John Wieland Homes is synonymous with luxury new homes in the best areas in Atlanta and the Southeast. They wanted their online presence to reflect their brand and the ability to make your new home your own.

We partnered with their marketing team to create and implement a new website design in Sitecore CMS. We worked together to really take advantage of everything Sitecore has to offer by:

  • Enabling creation of web forms using Sitecore’s Web Forms for Marketers by the marketing team
  • Delivering timely, personalized emails through Sitecore’s Email Experience Manager
  • Generating weekly print brochures of the latest inventory status for their sales offices using content from Sitecore
  • Connecting their sales team by integrating detailed product information and sales prospects between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Sitecore.

To empower home buyers to really make their John Wieland home their own we incorporated our online design center product, Envision, into the website. With Envision visitors can view the possible products and configuration options of their home and add them to their wishlist to share with their family and their designer at John Wieland Homes.

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