Scope: Digital Strategy | Interactive Kiosk Development | User Experience Design | Cordova Development | Native iOS Development | Interactive Media Production | NFC Integration | PIM Integration | Development | Quality Assurance |  Hosting and Operations

Danze is shaking up kitchen & bath design with high quality faucets, tub & shower fixtures — with vibrant, playful designs for today’s lifestyles.

EX2 partners with Danze to deliver scalable tools integrated with their centralized PIM and delivering key analytics to raise their brand awareness including a:

  • Showroom Kiosk – When retailing in kitchen and bath showrooms the linear footage of your display comes at a cost. Also you need to stand out against the sea of sameness of walls & walls of faucets. We designed, developed, and launched a playful touchscreen kiosk that required minimal attendance and maintenance in over 100 showrooms across the US. We upped the ante by merging the physical and digital worlds with a “smart shelf” on every kiosk that lets a customer take a product off the wall, place it on the shelf, and immediately see the item’s color options, accessories, and related products using near-field communications (NFC) tagging on each product.This had an enormous impact on upsell and cross-sell of products along with education for the third party sales representatives. Overall, Danze was able to show more products, in less space that really showcased their whimsical, contemporary brand.
  • Danze Virtual Showroom Mobile App – One of the biggest challenges in retailing products for the home is helping customers see how the product will look in their home. The Virtual Showroom application for iOS let’s you see how Danze products look in different kitchens and bathrooms. The app even lets you take a picture of your own kitchen or bath and place Danze products throughout the room.Once you’ve found your perfect look you can print or email the product list to show to your family, interior designer, or Danze retailer.
  • Trade Show Technology – Throughout the years Danze and EX2 have collaborated to bring technology to their presence at trade shows, such as the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) with over 10,000 attendees each year. One year when the show was hosted in Las Vegas, to play into all that is the City of Lights, we brought the digital and physical together again by tying in poker chips the Danze team handed out at the event with a kiosk we created in their booth to win prizes. This brought traffic to their booth that may not have considered stopping by without the incentive.
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