Scope:  iOS App Development |  Visual Design | Sitefinity CMS Integration

Retailing of products not seen everyday and require technical expertise can be challenging when compared to everyday products from shoes to cars. Nudura, a maker of insulated concrete forms (ICF) for energy efficient residential and commercial construction, understands this perfectly.

Nudura wanted to create a portable retailing experience that their global direct sales team and distributors could take anywhere for presentation to architects, engineers, trade show attendees, and even homeowners. We partnered with them to create the Product Information Centre iPad application with an index of documents, videos, and content detailing the technical aspects, regional approvals, and benefits to building with ICF. Key to this application is its ability to run anywhere as you can’t anticipate all the issues that can go wrong with Internet connectivity during a sales presentation.The application runs completely disconnected and updates its content from Nudura’s Sitefinity CMS when possible.

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