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The classroom experience for teachers is a familiar setting for thousands of years. With the advent of online education the ability to connect with students has become a challenge. Ultimate Medical Academy (UMA) looked for a way to have insights into students’ online education patterns and behaviors.

At a micro level, we partnered with UMA to develop a highly secure, real-time profile of a student’s online education activity with close ties to Blackboard’s Online Learning Platform. This enables educators and counselors to first see if a student is engaging with the online learning tools and second to understand their behaviors while engaging.

At a macro level, we also developed a view of student retention data to provide an understanding of behavioral patterns and analysis of students that stay in school in contrast to those who withdraw before completing their degree. We combined information from their Learning Management System (LMS) and Blackboard Campus Vue products along with internal data to provide a new analytics collection for open-ended queries by UMA’s education experts.

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