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Digital Strategy

Conversion is Our Core Business

At EX2 Solutions we provide a customer engagement strategy focused on increasing lead generation and direct conversions through customer behavior analysis.

Technology Strategy Consulting

We Build Strategic Business, Innovation, & Technology Roadmaps

Digital Transformation is required of all organizations to remain relevant.

Enterprise CMS

Sitecore CMS for enterprises

Our Sitecore CMS solution approach drives dynamic, targeted customer interactions via web, mobile and touch devices.

Mobile Apps & Websites

Looking for growth opportunities?

A custom mobile application from EX2 Solutions can help transform your digital business.

Interactive Retail Kiosks

Creating a Shopping Experience in the Digital Age

Brick-and-mortar stores today face unparalleled competition, price transparency and demand for information, convenience and speed due to the proliferation of online retail.

Custom Web Development

Got a business technology challenge?

We offers complete web development services including enterprise level responsive UX design, custom web & database development, web services integration, and hosting.

User Experience Design

Why Choose EX2 Design Services

We are experts in dynamic front-end designs using advanced CSS, jQuery and Web services. We create animated, immersive interfaces not just for the web, but for mobile and other touch devices too.

AI and Machine Learning

Want to get started with AI and ML?

With our highly connected world, we’re living in an era of big data and companies who harness the power of such information can more adeptly predict consumer behavior.

Image Classification

Want the easy button to classifying your images?

Image classification is the process of employing machine learning to review, understand and classify the contents of images.

Data Aggregation & Warehousing

Maximizing Potential with Data Aggregation

We create dynamic data warehousing environments to manage and interact with your data so you get the most comprehensive insights.

Rich Media Visualization

Full-Service Digital Media Production

Now more than ever, the picture is the product. Customers demand high-quality visual images of your products & services.

Nearshore & Hybrid Services

Grow Your Business, Not Your Payroll

You know you’re going to need ongoing IT, BPO, or software development resources… but now what?

Industry Solutions

EX² Solutions transforms digital business processes for key vertical markets, including:

Web Content Management

If content is KING, context is GOD.” The Sitecore Experience Platform helps you secure the benefits of context marketing.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

We believe in providing the solution that fits your business without compromising your strategic operational processes.

Homebuilder Solutions

EX² Solutions has unmatched expertise in new home marketing + technology implementations.