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Today’s business needs to fully utilize all available data in order to predict customer behavior and tune its conversion and retention strategies. EX2‘s data aggregation solutions intelligently collect data from disparate sources — to create statistical models & reports to help your business predict, and stay ahead of, changes in customer trends.

No matter how many different data sources you have, our data transformation services will create a central hub to create intelligent analysis and inferences about your customers behaviors.

EX2 Data Aggregation and Data Warehousing

We create dynamic data warehousing environments to manage and interact with your data so you get the most comprehensive insights. Through a hybrid approach for data warehousing, we can provide quick measurable results, while maintaining historical accuracy to meet your business’s long-term strategic goals.

  • Data Sources – We use extract, transform, load processes (ETL) to pull from disparate sources including ERP and CRM systems, operational tools, third-party data such as GIS (mapping), web analytics from Omniture, Google, WebTrends, etc. and activity data such as lead generation and sales transactions.
  • Data Formats– As part of our multi-format capabilities, we can work with text, Excel or XML/JSON files and can even transform database formats, such as converting Oracle data to SQL server formats so all of your data can be queried from a centralized location.
  • Data Warehousing – We design and implement decision support processes for efficient predictive modeling and data mining, so you fully understand the trends happening on your website and apps: Even ones that you may not know of. We can also tap into new streams that are about to create the next trend. Our hosting services allow for data warehousing and archiving so your information is safe and accessible at will.
  • Data Processing – We aggregate over 1,000 feeds a day and operate data warehousing solutions capable of tens of thousands of updates a day, in less than 15 minutes, requiring minimal support.

Maximizing Potential with Data Aggregation

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