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Conversion is Our Core Business

At EX2 customer engagement strategy focused on increasing lead generation and direct conversions through customer behavior analysis. We provide highly customizable, dynamic user interfaces in our enterprise CMS implementations, mobile apps, touchscreen kiosk apps, and custom websites. These interfaces are based on a better understanding of consumer behavior and driving campaign activity based on that behavior, as well as understanding the retail science that leads online prospects to take these actions. The result is a significant boost in lead conversions — be it filling out a form or transacting on your site. By recognizing and interpreting consumer engagement, we’ve increased lead generation for our clients by up to 10x.

Integrated Analytics and Insights

We know that timely, accurate, and actionable insights are critical to optimizing the customer experience. So, we integrate analytics into all of our solutions with platforms like Omniture, WebTrends, and Google Universal Analytics to track visitors’ activity on your websites and mobile apps.

For our enterprise Sitecore CMS implementations, we go even further by mapping activity to automated actions. For example, we implement integrated email marketing, providing advanced targeting and personalization while eliminating the cost and cross-training of external email marketing platforms. Sitecore’s enterprise CMS analysis engine also allows us to serve up customized content to your website visitors based on their actions. So if a customer browses a product, related/accessory products and services can automatically appear during their next website visit, or in a follow-up email… all helping to deepen customer relationships, increase conversions and boost your business’s bottom line.

We’re Here Every Step of the Way

You work hard to earn customer revenue, and EX2 considers your income challenges our own. We cut out unnecessary IT spending and earn measurable ROI for your business with our customer engagement strategy process for designing our software solutions. Our team of professionals is dedicated to timely delivery, with frequent walkthroughs in every step of your project. We focus on building long-term relationships with our clients, so we’re there for you whenever you need us.

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