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Increase Efficiency With Machine Powered Visual Content Recognition

Image classification is the process of employing machine learning to review, understand and classify the contents of images. Our proprietary service of Pixel Intelligence can analyze your images for landscapes, objects, faces, colors, food, text and other subjects that will add an extra layer of intelligence to your data.

Image classification can be used in eCommerce experiences to provide deeper, more relevant, search results for customers, thus leading to increased customer satisfaction. This is because machine-powered image classification relies on artificial intelligence to classify images that would otherwise lack important metadata or go uncategorized.

Image classification also boosts SEO and content ranking because, with the correct title and categorization, images are now part of the content crawled by search engines.

Our Pixel Intelligence solution provides image classification at scale:

  • Straight out of the box, Pixel Intelligence can automatically classify images across 30+ different real estate categories
  • Pixel Intelligence is continuously learning while being used, thus it’s always improving its categorization abilities
  • You can program Pixel Intelligence to identify image categories based on your industry. It’s adaptable.
  • Any business domain can benefit from the ability to classify images and Pixel Intelligence can be enhanced to work between industries.

Want the easy button to classifying your images?

Connect with us to hear about real world stories how we’ve taken large virtual stacks of digital images and put them into tidy categories.