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EX² Knows Home Builders Marketing

Born from BDX (Builders Digital Experience) — a consortium founded & owned by home builders, driving quality up and costs down — EX² Solutions has unmatched expertise in new home marketing + technology implementations. Our parent company revolutionized the home building industry by (literally) setting the standard for online listings, leads, options marketing, and more. BDX is also the #1 market leader in cost-effective websites, apps, kiosks, video and rich media visualization for home builders.

Since 2006, EX² has successfully implemented complex redesigns of enterprise-grade websites for leading national & regional home builders. We create powerful user experiences for new home marketing, lead generation, sales and service. Our innate familiarity with home builders’ business & operations, and time tested experience with builder processes — including deep integrations with CRM, ERP, and marketing automation systems — gives our clients access to expert software development capabilities, without the competitive overhead of recruiting and maintaining large in-house IT teams.

Our Sitecore CMS services take home builder marketing to the next level with sophisticated content management, targeting and automation capabilities to optimize your marketing budget: reaching the right audiences, at the right time during their home buying customer journey.

Technology Products for Home Builders

In addition to our custom services for home builders we’ve also leveraged our knowledge of home building to create software as a service (SaaS) offerings for the unique needs of home builders.

webArchitect Solutions

Your website is your first impression. We create award-winning homebuilder websites on our webArchitect platform, customized for your unique brand. We incorporate the latest technologies including responsive design, as well as proven builder-specific features no other website developer can offer.

Benefits of using our webArchitect platform for your next home builder website include:

  • As a SaaS based platform, webArchitect saves you time, money, and worry at 3 AM wondering if your site is safe and sound
  • Always up-to-date: We update and upgrade the technology behind the scenes, no muss, no fuss
  • Built-in content management system (CMS) for easy design, copy, and content updates
  • Evolves and grows over time with constant addition of new features
  • Integrates with your BDX Live data: When you list your homes on NewHomeSource.com and our partner sites, your community and home data lives in BDX Live, which we make available to your webArchitect site, ensuring everything is up to date and consistent across all digital venues
  • Looks great on any device: Use of responsive design means your website responds to the user’s browsing device and window size with optimized layouts and styles

Envision Online Design Center

95% of home-buyers say a virtual design center is likely to influence their decision to buy from a builder. In the age of personalization home buyers want to make their largest purchase their own. Our Envision platform is an industry-leading online design center for home builders, remodelers, and designers. Envision presents option possibilities to your customers with photos, videos, and descriptions from over 250 manufacturers. With Envision you can:

  • Influence your customer’s purchase decisions by creating an interactive and dynamic retail experience, delivering a deeper understanding of trends impacting new home sales, and eliminating the need to build or expand physical design center showrooms by providing an online design center experience
  • Generate website leads in pre-sales mode by offering website visitors the opportunity to design their home, creating a highly-engaged prospect
  • Make better business decisions with reporting to give your team the information they need to make better sales, design center, purchasing, marketing, and operations decisions around most popular options, buyer activity, and leads generated in pre-sales mode

Sales Center Solutions

We provide the technology you need in your sales centers to engage visitors, demonstrate your homes and features, and move shoppers toward a purchase decision.

Sales Architect Tablet Tools

  • Present real time lot and plan availability with an interactive site map
  • Register guests to save plans to “favorites”
  • Email your buyer a personalized brochure of their favorites with notes and photos
  • View guest registrations in your CRM

Interactive Site Plans

  • Create an interactive solution to show real-time lot availability and information
  • Link plans and move-in-ready homes to lots
  • Display plan details with photo galleries and floor plan images
  • Manage data through centralized web-based tool – No tech person needed!

Home Builder Kiosks

  • Leverage robust Content Management System (CMS) and BDX Live integration for community, home, and plan information making it easy to add or update content on your own
  • Integrate with Envision to showcase manufacturer product information
  • Customize navigation and create unlimited screens showcasing galleries, images and videos
  • Analyze kiosk results and performance with Google Analytics

Looking for innovative marketing and sales solutions?

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