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Sitecore Experience Platform Makes Context Marketing Possible

Today marketing out-of-context is NOT a Choice.

“If content is KING, context is GOD.” The Sitecore Experience Platform helps you secure the benefits of context marketing. Based on an individual’s behaviors, you can deliver the right content at the right time to the right person. Your engagement interactions turn into one-on-one conversations with the ability to adjust your response in real time, ensuring relevance.

Over the last decade, the move to digital has given greater power to consumers. They are using more channels than before, conducting more research on products and brands, spending more time discussing their experiences online, and have more access to competing brands. In short, if you cannot give them the level of service they demand, they will look for someone who can.

EX2 specializes in developing and implementing solutions using the Sitecore Enterprise Content Management platform that propel you past your competition. We’ve partnered with Sitecore since 2008 because of its:

Web Content Management

  • User-friendly Interface: There’s a saying, “As far as the customer is concerned, the interface is the product.” A powerful CMS that is not easy to use would lead to a painful adoption process within your organization. Sitecore’s intuitive interface offers effortless website management with a bonus of delivering meaningful interactions to win the customers.
  • Easy-peasy Integration: Seamless integration with other systems is the proof of truly connected experiences. Sitecore provides full data integration and an abstraction layer that flawlessly connects different databases, web services and other external systems such as your ERP and CRM tools.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: With the Sitecore platform combined and our expertise in full website user experience design and implementation we can promise compelling user experiences along with an unbeatable combination of result-oriented tools and intelligent caching controls at your fingertips to ensure everything runs as smooth as water off a duck’s back.
  • Continuous Product Investment: Sitecore has an expert product management team and spends millions of dollars each year in product development. We’ve seen other web content management platforms disappear or lack the product management expertise to prioritize, develop, and maintain a constant evolution of their products.

EX2 Advantage: Well Rounded Expertise Matters

In this mobile, always-on environment, simply communicating with your customers is not enough. We offer each customer the most personalized, relevant and engaging experience possible. Let us help you realize your vision and meet business goals with our complete Sitecore CMS solutions.

  • Comprehensive Service: With any project we do our job is not to sell you a product, but to develop a right-sized solution to meet your unique needs. No two Sitecore implementations are the same and your Sitecore partner must have the ability to analyze, bend and flex to come up with the best approach for you. We lend our extensive product management expertise to perform a comprehensive assessment of your goals and priorities, letting us take your vision from concept to reality. We also work with you to create a roadmap of your customer context engagement strategy, then prioritize and fit it within the Sitecore and your system framework It’s the 360-degree approach we believe in.
  • Built-to-Fit Solution: Do you believe in “one-size-fits-all”? Because, we don’t! We implement Sitecore to match your environment, integrate with your existing ERP and CRM systems and extend outward to the iOS and Android mobile platforms.
  • Work that Works: Being a Sitecore Certified partner, the EX2 team is always on top of the latest Sitecore versions to implement solutions that get the results you want.
  • We can run it for you too: We have the expertise to host, manage, and provide end user support for your Sitecore environment in a public cloud or our cost-saving private cloud with an over (and somewhat rare) 99.999%.

Want to further explore our take on getting awesome results with Sitecore?

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