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Creating a Shopping Experience in the Digital Age

Brick-and-mortar stores today face unparalleled competition, price transparency and demand for information, convenience and speed due to the proliferation of online retail. Meanwhile, the brands inside these stores are in a desperate battle to capture shopper attention among crowded product shelves.

In today’s retail environment, brands and retailers are pulled in one direction by consumers demand for objective, real-time information, and in another by their desire for a unique shopping experience. Successful businesses must address both needs if they hope to get consumers off the couch and into the store. Thankfully, the technology powering today’s best websites and mobile tools can be employed to radically improve the in-store shopping experience.

Interactive touch-screen kiosks and digital displays can create winning store environments that leverage the best elements of online shopping, including: quick access to extensive product information and visuals, social reviews & ratings, and comprehensive product comparisons. This creates a more engaging store atmosphere, and a uniquely enjoyable shopping experience.

Thoughtful digitization of your retail environment can:

  • Create a differentiated, inspiring shopping experience
  • Offer more consistent sales & customer service conversations
  • Increase operational efficiency while decreasing burden on employees
  • Cultivate more cross- and up-sell opportunities
  • Enhance your brand’s image and positive associations

If your brick-and-mortar stores could use some digital inspiration to connect with new audiences, give us a call. By understanding your unique competitive challenges, we can recommend measurable ways to deploy immersive in-store technology to make your brand more memorable, deepen customer connections, and increase sales of your products & services.

Learn more about how EX2 Solutions solved digital retailing by developing the Danze Digital Display kiosk.

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