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We Build Strategic Business, Innovation, & Technology Roadmaps

Digital Transformation is required of all organizations to remain relevant. This requires IT organizations move from the back office to key strategic drivers for the organization. Strategic alignment of enterprise IT is the starting path to effectively positioning IT for this leadership role.

Our advisors develop strategies to leverage technology effectively to transform your organization to meet current challenges & provide a path for growth. We are executives, former CIOs, and business leaders who have helped both public and private sector organizations achieve success. Through our work we have established effective and mature technology organizations in multiple industry sectors and know how to guide teams to develop achievable movement towards this goal.

Our services start with uncovering your goals and outcomes for the entire organization or a functional unit. We then leverage a set of proven frameworks and methodologies to achieve those goals.

The path includes:

Step 1: Strategic planning for the enterprise and IT

  • Develop strategic technology plan for the organization
  • Define how the plan connects with core principles for IT
  • Align the plan with internal business consumers of technology and team members

Step 2: IT governance alignment with organizational governance

  • Establish policies, procedures, and compliance framework to advance the plan
  • Define key pivots for centralized and de-centralized decision making
  • Identify decision roles and responsibilities

Step 3: Business and technology roadmap development

  • Define technology modernization needs and roadmap
  • Define key pivots for centralized and de-centralized decision making
  • Establish organizational service design and management approach

In addition to strategic planning we also offer:

  • Fractional Executive Service, providing business-savvy, technology leadership tailored to fit your business
  • Data Centers, Infrastructure, & Cloud Optimization, applying the expertise to optimize your technology agility, costs and performance
  • End-to-End Technology Assessments, using our comprehensive framework that provides the essential insights for the right technology investments and course of action
  • Security, Risk, & Compliance Assessments, addressing your business risks with our integral cyber security solutions

Want to know more?

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