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Dynamic Custom Designs

At EX2 Solutions We don’t believe in cookie cutter solutions that look like everything else out there. You have a unique brand and message; we make sure it’s delivered. Our custom design services take your vision from idea to implementation. We are experts in dynamic front-end designs using advanced CSS, jQuery and Web services. We create animated, immersive interfaces not just for the web, but for mobile and other touch devices too. Our extensive experience with responsive web designs (RWD) adapts your presentation and message across device types, such as smartphones, tablets, desktops, and even HDTV kiosks.

Why Choose EX2 Design Services

EX Solutions offers complete project and strategy solutions to give you the best custom design. We follow a three step process:

  •  Analysis – We work with you to look at where you’ve been and where you want to go, defining key branding attributes, brand position, and key performance indicators for the new design.
  • Information Architecture – We engage our “left-brained” information architecture team to define the website or application flow from screen to screen. Next, we create high fidelity wire frames to convey key functional features and to suggest layout for the designers engaging best practices for user experience.
  • Design – Finally we engage our “right-brained” designers to convert the wire frames to visual designs using our design shootout process. The design shootout entails engaging two or more designers to compete for the winning design. Our customers never pick one design in its entirety. One designer’s work will have a strong aesthetic appeal to them, but there will always be little subtleties from the other designers’ work that will be incorporated into the final design. Once a go-forward design is selected we will modify the design as needed and produce the subsequent designs for the project.

Want to know more?

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