Sitecore Makes Website Personalization Simple and Affordable

Given the wide variety of business models and marketing strategies found in the retail sector today, customer experience management software must be easy to use and flexible enough to accurately track a broad range of business processes. Sitecore, like most premium Customer Experience Management (CEM) suites, is highly configurable, but only Sitecore is designed from the ground up to be a snap to install and easy and intuitive to use.

Depending on the requirements of your marketing campaigns and your experience working with CEMs, it will take some time to develop a comprehensive set of rules to offer each customer an ideal experience. But once you’ve got your new website up and running, you will start giving your customers the personalized sales experience that they expect today.

With Sitecore, you can take advantage of the built-in automatic platform detection and geolocation engines, so that each user experience is created based on their location and hardware, or you can define your own set of custom rules to create a wider range of user experiences. Sitecore also offers intelligent content serving and a straightforward, easy-to-use drag-and-drop design interface, so you can get your new site ready to deploy in days or weeks instead of months.

Best-in-class Content Management Capabilities

Content management systems are a critical part of the effort of digital marketers to design a unified journey for customers instead of subjecting them to individual disjointed interactions with individual aspects of your brand footprint. Giving customers a unified journey requires building a narrative that’s robust enough to hold up under intense scrutiny as it is viewed through the lenses of different devices and platforms. The web content management system (WCM) provided as a part of Sitecore is designed from the ground up for this purpose.

Note that the Sitecore WCM offers native support for all the key functionalities that make your content more engaging. Keeping a clear separation between the content you publish and the tools you use to present it, Sitecore allows consistent deployment of campaign materials whether you’re targeting computers, mobile devices, print ads or POS terminals.

With Sitecore, you can also market to potential users in other countries. You can easily integrate translation services and implement custom governance processes based on local regulations/laws. This means you can share the same content across all of your sites across the globe for instant branding consistency.

Personalized Customer Experiences from Day One

Creating high-quality, engaging content is just the first step for the modern digital marketer. Obviously, any given set of marketing materials is not ideally suited to attract all customers, and you need to know which of your marketing initiatives are working best to grow your sales. Most CEM platforms require digging through reams of data to identify trends to make your message more effective, but Sitecore allows you to personalize experiences from the start.

Sitecore’s Experience Platform (XP) delivers contextualized experiences in real time. So instead of trying to figure out a best-fit experience or interaction path with limited data, you can react to events in real-time to provide appropriate content to satisfy your customers’ needs.

Sitecore’s XP can interpret and understand data such as

  • Which referring sites and countries visitors are from,
  • How visitors relate to social media interactions,
  • All content consumed by a user and any information provided, such as search queries, and
  • Other events might have prompted visitors to come to the website.

Sitecore’s XP includes an Experience Database (xDB) that allows you to import consumer data from your own CRM or third-party sources. Sitecore’s xDB incorporates this external information into decision-making processes using a fast MongoDB NoSQL implementation.

XP assists with customer personalization by offering adaptive pattern-card matching to produce an intelligent best match. Historical personalization allows you to use prior sessions to decide which content to serve. With the customer journey-based option, you can plan for complete journeys to advance visitors towards specific goals (ie, engagement and/or conversions).

Getting to Know Your Customers Better Than Ever Before

Obtaining useful information from all the reams of data you collect can seem like an insurmountable challenge. Understanding which consumer interactions are meaningful requires understanding how they originated. This means you need to understand the context of the interactions. That’s why Site XP not only reacts to what customers are doing at any given moment, but also accounts for customer’s prior histories with your brand.

XP and xDB work to aggregate data from every possible origin. Then, they use the knowledge that they gather to show you the bigger picture and allow you to make accurate conclusions.

Sitecore analyzes the value of different customer experiences using benchmarks and objectives you provide as standards, and provides a score that instantly informs you which channels need attention. The system also tracks visitor paths so you can see how real-world interactions unfold. After you’ve got a grip on the dynamics, it’s time to test and optimize experience elements until you’ve got everything down pat.

Sitecore also offers a three-phase Customer Experience Maturity Model to assist you in reaching self-sustaining revenue growth.

Obviously making sales and profits is the primary reason to engage with audiences, but with Sitecore you also get important benefits such as getting people to advocate for your brand and spread your news by word of mouth.

So what we have found from the dozens of Sitecore deployments we have managed is that while other experience management tools merely manage marketing campaigns, Sitecore helps you build long-term organizational success.

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After you have defined all these engagement activities, you simply determine a specific value for each activity to create the engagement value scale.

You don’t have to settle for “generic personalization”. Sitecore’s tools enable you to define a broad range of profiles for customization of customer funnels, as well as accurately measuring and assessing the relative value of various types of visitor engagement.

Giving visitors to your website (potential customers) an entertaining and engaging experience is proven to boost conversions, including closing sales. Equally important, effective website personalization contributes to the positive image associated with the brand.

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