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Sandra Leal

Strategy, Innovation, Customer Experience Design Consultant

Sandra is an expert in strategy and transformation services and brings over 25 years of experience working with top brands to accelerate growth and innovate new possibilities. She has worked across industries including healthcare, financial services, and media and entertainment. She works collaboratively with clients to understand their circumstances and encourage critical thinking, creative ideation, and problem solving. Her expertise is designing ideal customer experiences that promote authentic brand relationships.

Sandra got her start working with the premier strategy consulting firm, CSC Index, implementing re-engineering projects using protocols defined by James Champy and Michael Hammer. After several implementations of large scale, large dollar projects, she recognized that optimizing internal operations without market insight into what customers are thinking, feeling, and acting upon did not produce meaningful returns on investments. At The Concours Group, she co-founded the customer experience practice to connect the gap between internal strategy with external market changes.