The Votes Are In … QA Matters​

The night of the 2020 Democratic Caucus ended in chaos and confusion, thanks to an app commissioned by the Iowa Democratic Party and created by the tech company, Shadow Inc. meant to streamline the voting reports.  As the night went on, and it became clear the app was failing, it also became clear that the app hadn’t been put through standard quality assurance (QA) processes, including proper testing by end-users.

The outcome? Delayed results due to inconsistent reports generated by the app, as well as a slew of functionality issues. Not to mention, an overall bad look for the Democratic party at best, and at worst, a loss of faith in the democratic system — all of which could have been avoided had adequate QA measures been carried out.

What does this mean for home building companies? Simple. QA, or the means by which a company tests its products and services in order to adhere to certain industry standards is an important part of the development workflow. Failing to complete due diligence by forgoing QA testing can end in disaster for your company: reducing profits, undermining customer trust, and negatively impacting your brand and reputation.

When it comes to QA, remember your end game: getting customers to use your product or service — and then come back for more (and then, recommend you to others).

While QA may seem like an annoying extra step that can drag out a product launch, when it comes to your business, it’s better to be safe than sorry. After all, sorry can end up costing you: in wasted product, time spent retesting, and a loss of resources. Furthermore, the damage to your brand image can have lasting consequences.

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