What the New Microsoft Dynamics Will Do For Marketers

Marketing professionals need to offer engaging customer experiences across all channels. They also need an understanding of the impact their marketing investments are making.

Microsoft Dynamics can help you achieve both of these crucial goals, and the latest release puts even more power into your hands, especially for your marketing automation efforts.

The latest release offers an enhanced editor for your email campaigns. You can view generated HTML code in emails and use the advanced editing capabilities to access the media library from the HTML code directly. Improvements to the back-end scalability also enhance the deliverability of email, allowing higher volumes of emails and improved auditing and logging.

The new Microsoft Dynamics supports both inbound and outbound SMS messages. Email marketing can be integrated with other multichannel marketing campaigns. You can configure inbound campaigns with keywords to help secure opt-ins, send promotional texts to those contacts, maintain your database of opt-ins and track the performance of individual campaigns.

Microsoft Dynamics 2016 features numerous other enhancements to bolster your customer engagement strategy. Social listening and analytics tools let you stay current on what your customers are saying about you on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, YouTube and public-media sites, with additional resources available via RSS. Intelligent social capabilities allow you to identify sentiments and identify potential cases. A social center allows you to publish Facebook posts and tweets while providing you with tools such as posting an author’s number of followers.

If you use SharePoint, Microsoft Office 365 or OneDrive for Business, you can open various apps within the CRM or CRM mobile app. This seamless, contextual integration makes it easy to review a document or look up a fact.

The Cortana Analytics Suite adds additional capabilities, including intelligent suggestions for cross-selling and recommended solutions for customer-service issues. Cortana and Microsoft Intune integrations surface CRM data to power voice-driven CRM and proactive interaction.

The new release of Microsoft Dynamics offers an interactive service hub with forms and dashboards that have been completely redesigned. You can use the text editor to manage or create articles that can include images and embedded videos. It also allows you to easily convert customer issues or feedback into knowledge-based articles to improve both the quantity and quality of your online content.

You can create personalized sales documents more easily with the enhanced document generation function. You no longer need to extract account summaries, purchase histories, quotes or other documents manually to build a customized document. Automation of this task can save you a significant amount of time – and free you to perform other duties.

Microsoft has also announced additional enhancements that will follow the release of Dynamics 2016. One such enhancement, that will be valuable to marketers, is the survey designer. This tool will allow you to create and send questionnaires to gather feedback from your customers. They can complete the survey on a computer, phone or tablet. Hosting of surveys will be provided via an Azure subscription.

In addition to Microsoft Dynamics’ benefits to marketers, it also provides many enhancements for sales personnel, customer-facing staff, IT and business analysts. In fact, Microsoft claims this is the company’s most comprehensive release of its CRM and a milestone in their efforts to reinvent the concept of productivity.

The various Microsoft Dynamics products will be rolled out over several months. New CRM online subscribers are already eligible for the latest release, while existing customers will receive updates starting in early 2016. The 2016 update for Microsoft Dynamics Marketing is currently available, while the Microsoft Social Engagement Update 1 will be rolled out over the coming months.

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