When a Virtual CTO is a Good Idea

Let’s say you’re a leader in a small to mid-sized company and you want to initiate a technology project. Maybe you want to redesign your website or you’re looking at new business productivity software. The problem is it’s not your role to decide the technology future of the company or you don’t fully trust the prospective vendors’ offerings. Hiring a full-time CTO is really what you need, but you’re a growing company that’s not ready for one or you’re in the search for a CTO.  This is where a virtual CTO and technology strategy consulting are a perfect fit.

Just like a CTO, a Virtual Chief Technology Officer’s job is to be the organization’s technologist, responsible for overseeing technology assets, and more important, for developing a technology vision for the organization. They provide valuable resources before, during, and after any technology project.  Just a few of the benefits of a virtual CTO are:

  • Lower costs: By not having a full time CTO on staff you can scale the technology strategy services based on your current needs and budget.
  • Diversity of talent: In EX Squared’s virtual CTO offering you don’t engage with just one individual.  You have access to our senior technology team including our CTO and directors of web, database, development, and IT infrastructure.
  • Diversity of experience: For us, by bringing the experience of multiple individuals to our Virtual CTO offering you get the benefit of over 80 years cumulative experience in organizations ranging from Fortune 100 companies to startups.

Sounds great, huh?  There’s a catch (drat!).  When looking for a Virtual CTO trust is paramount.  I, in my undying optimism, would think everyone is up front and honest even though so many of our new clients over the years come to us because this has not been the case.  You must find a partner who is not just there to spend your money, rather one who treats your resources and vision as their own.  For us, this is simple.  If we don’t feel a project will be successful or a target can’t be tied to your key performance indicators we’ll tell you.  Reputation is everything.  We’ve grown purely through referrals, relationships, and honesty, not a pushy, slick sales team.

Contact us to setup a conversation to see how we can help you exceed your goals with our Virtual CTO offering.  There truly is no obligation and we promise not to call you every Monday morning at 10:38 AM to see if you want to sign a contract.

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