Why Everyone’s Moving to a DXP Instead Of A CMS

EX Squared has been a Sitecore partner for over eleven years, so their annual Symposium is always a big event on our calendar.

We use the Symposium to connect and reconnect with Sitecore employees that we’ve been working with, to increase our training on their products, and to see the fantastic places that their roadmap is taking them, us, and our clients.

The most impressive demonstration that I saw was saved until the end, where Sitecore showed how they can layer their AI on top of their DXP to create auto-segmentation of visitors and increase the delivery of mass personalization at scale.

Here are the key impressions from others in the EX Squared contingent. See you all next year in Chicago!

Customer experience is a business critical differentiator that is built through human connections. Sitecore wants to make meaningful experiences for costumers mainly through personalization which allows create a personal connection with each user.

Sitecore is bringing new features to all different users to improve the experience with the platform, these are some examples:

  • For final users, Sitecore AI will bring a better experience with auto personalization, personalizing experiences at scale.
  • For content users, brings technology like Horizon which is going to help to create and edit content pages in an easy and friendly way.
  • For devops, as Sitecore will be implanting SaaS (Sitecore as a Service), where developers will keep out of doing expensive and exhaustive upgrades.
Diego Jimenez,
Software Engineer

The value of the Sitecore Symposium extends beyond the marketing hype of the platform by bringing together a worldwide collection of partners, customers, and practices. Although some ideas are more conceptual than others, it is beneficial to learn from the community. For example, a non-scientific poll taken during one session suggested that most partners have adopted the Helix principles for their engagements. Other notable observations include the increasing automation of deployments and testing, and separation of front-end and back-end development (increasingly through JSS, although actual adoption still appears low). Containerization is another area that shows promise, but with slower adoption. These areas will continue to grow and provide value in the future.

Adam HerrNeckar,
Software Development Manager

The theme of this year’s Sitecore Symposium was “human connections in a digital world.” In the past, having a great product and a responsive website were the requirements for successful digital marketing. Now consumers not only expect but demand an emotional connection with brands and an excellent consumer experience. 61% say they would not return to a website without a satisfactory customer experience and 77% will pay more for a brand that personalizes their service or experience. Sitecore is continuing to evolve the platform to support this with the introduction of artificial intelligence powered personalization with the goal of working with Sitecore customers to ease the “content crisis.” Sitecore has also committed to platform innovations and ease of use so marketers can focus more on emotional and customized experiences and less on the mechanics of content delivery and management.

Russell Cummings,
Engagement Manager

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