Bechtel Case Study

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Innovative digital solution to streamline on-site operations.

Digital Thinking to Revolutionize Operations

Our client is one of the largest global construction and engineering companies and has built hundreds of impressive projects worldwide, including the Hoover Dam and Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Facility. When tens of thousands of workers build complex facilities, safety is critical, and productivity is essential.

Although this company excels at civil engineering feats, it needed help with digital innovation to keep operations streamlined and safe, so they turned to EXSquared for transformative modern digital solutions.

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Project Summary

With thousands of workers at any given site, productivity is dependent on the efficiency of each and every crew, from the pipe layer to the welder. The foreman is critical to managing the entire team and most productive when on-site alongside them to oversee and problem-solve within the day-to-day operations and ensure safety. During EXSquared’s project discovery and operational analysis, we spent real-time on-site, observing their day-to-day operational processes. We quickly recognized how much unnecessary time the foreman spent on piles of paperwork rather than in the field where they are needed. There was a huge opportunity to streamline this process through digital innovation. EXSquared set out to solve the following challenges:

  • Improve overall project productivity with innovative solutions.
  • Streamline outdated, counter-productive operational methodologies.
  • Create a solution to free up supervisors, giving them more “eyes on crew.”

The Strategy

As you can imagine, the exact details of our work are proprietary and confidential. However, we can provide a general overview of areas EXSquared was instrumental in solving the company’s internal challenges.

  • Designed proprietary, innovative digital worker safety solutions.
  • Digitized the paper processes for vastly improved efficiencies.
  • Applied design-thinking to create and deliver an iOS solution that streamlined interaction between foreman and crew.

Proven Results

Deployment was a success, and the results speak for themselves. With over 50 projects completed to date, EXSquared custom solutions have been deployed in countries worldwide. Successful use by thousands of employees improved worker safety and productivity while providing an outstanding return on investment.

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