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Mobile App UI Design

Design Thinking to Prevent Littering

Since 1985, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has taken a hard stance against littering in Texas. With a primary focus on Texas’ 3,233 miles of roads, TxDOT’s “Don’t Mess with Texas” campaign is the gold-standard in anti-littering campaigns and the most successful of its kind in the country.

Over the years, TxDOT has utilized robust messaging across multiple channels to engage folks in the Don’t Mess With Texas’ mission, including launching an interactive app in 2014. Christened the “Litterer”, this app allowed people of all ages to help police litterbugs across the state in an anonymous, non-threatening manner.

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Project Summary

The Litterer app was an impressive addition to the Don’t Mess With Texas campaign efforts, and it functioned well as a mobile-ready solution to litter policing. However, as mobile app technology advanced, so did end-user expectations. TxDOT recognized that the Litterer app needed a visual and interactive makeover to maintain appeal in a tech-progressive world.

The Strategy

TxDot hired EXSquared to “reskin” the Litterer app. We improved the overall design and user interface to make it more appealing and as simple and efficient as possible.

Proven Results

The Litterer app is an excellent example of how EXSquared can improve existing digital design to make it more relevant and engaging without recreating the wheel. To date, other states across the country have requested similar digital solutions for litter policing, which speaks to the app’s design appeal and ease of use.

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