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Nearshore and Hybrid Services

So, you have a sizable digital project, with a restricted budget. You know you’re going to need ongoing IT, BPO, or software development resources… but now what? Consider nearshore outsourcing services to procure the talent and set up dedicated teams for the project.

EX2 Outcoding (a fully-owned subsidiary of EX2 Solutions) is a premier nearshoring provider of high quality, cost-effective IT staffing resources. Based in San Jose, Costa Rica, EX2 Outcoding provides resources to US clients in the technology, retail, real estate, pharmaceutical and financial industries… without the roadblocks of other outsourced solutions. (We don’t think outsourcing should add complications — it should help reduce them!) Our proprietary talent matching process and scouting database allows EX2Outcoding to hire the best resources in Costa Rica.

The Nearshoring Advantage

The Nearshoring Advantage

Our operations take place in Central Time, so you can feel free to schedule regular meetings.

Highly skilled local resources

Costa Ricans are a highly literate group, with local universities boasting strong software engineering programs to cultivate talent for your next project.

Speaking the same language

EX2 Outcoding resources are fluent in English.

Political & economic stabilit

Costa Rica’s burgeoning economy and stable political system allow EX2 Outcoding clients to avoid problems that can happen in other countries.

Green/sustainable power

99% of Costa Rica’s electricity is generated from clean, renewable energy sources including hydroelectric, geothermal, wind and biomass. EX2 Outcoding is also targeting a carbon-neutral footprint.


EX2 Outcoding is dedicated to matching our clients with the right resources, at the right time. Our nearshore services include:

  • Dedicated, proficient technology teams
  • Specialized staffing for business-process outsourcing
  • Web design & mobile development
  • Manual and automated software testing/QA
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM & ERP implementation
Whether you need help with your existing mobile app project or start a new one from scratch, our fully managed outsourced team is available to help you finish your project in time and under budget.
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