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About Us

About us

Digital design agency. Product Development Company. Innovation Facilitators. Brand + Marketing Agency. Web Firm. App Builders. All of them apply, none of them cover everything we do. Drive people to action by appealing to the gut first. The mind then follows.


EX Squared was founded on the belief that progress is diminished when innovation is stifled. Too many great solutions are lost not because of a bad solution, but because of the poor execution of a good idea. We created EX Squared to change that.

Digital transformation requires an analog component. The science has to include the art. At the heart of every digital experience are users, customers, stakeholders, employees and investors. People. The digital experience will always be about people, and understanding their motivations, ambitions, process, habits, and desires is essential.

For the last twenty years we have combined our cutting-edge digital know-how with our deep understanding of people and their behavior. It's why big brands count on EX Squared to drive their digital experiences into the future. 




We see a world where digital innovation drives buyer experiences. We want to demystify the digital experience by shouldering complexity and providing a clear picture of how digital experience implementation can future-proof business.



Do we have all the answers? Nope. Will we stop until we figure out the best damn solution possible? Also nope.

“Good enough”’ is a banned phrase here. We have a relentless thirst to make lives better through what we build, why we give, and how we do things. We are unstoppable. We know problems don’t get solved just because the clock says it’s 5 PM. Innovate or stagnate, right? Whether it’s a team or a product, stuff’s gotta evolve. But as we evolve we always keep client success at our focus.

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A fanaticism to uncover, explain, then absorb. Customer problems, audience, competing solutions, innovative experiences, and bleeding edge technologies are the playground.

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Relentless. Insatiable. Never satisfied. Remarkable doesn’t come from settling. Perfection is never achieved, but our thirst pushes us to know more, outshine expectations. and keep making things better.

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Truthful. Straightforward. Honest. Frank. Never rude, arrogant, or mean spirited in our actions. Ever heedful of circumstances, emotions, and the impact of being accountable (or not).

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Responsibility means nothing without answerability. Being accountable is taking ownership through success or failure. Duty demands holding each other accountable, even when doing so is uncomfortable.

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Aware of and attentive to. Empathize with a person’s pain. Add in an understanding of the surrounding environment, restrictions, and needs. Always evolving and adjusting as details change.

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Empathy isn't just for user experiences. It applies to clients as well because each brings their own unique set of experiences and ambitions. Like a tailored suit, one size does not fit all.

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